1:Choir and Fire.

I don’t know how to start this blog, so i’m gonna tell you a little bit about myself.  I’m Eva R (I can’t tell you my full last name for security). I’m about to go into 6th grade and I’m 11 ¼  years old. Sorry if this entry is a little brisk. I want to be an actress, an author, and a singer-songwriter, and I want to be famous for at least one of those things. 

Well, i should get started on my day today. I woke up, like any normal person in quarantine, and just stayed in bed for a long time. Then I decided to get out of bed and see my parents. What they said next was not what I expected AT ALL.

“Your picture is in the newspaper!” my Mom squealed. It was true. Young Womens Choral Projects, (or YWCP) is my chorus, and their ad was in the newspaper, and my picture was part of the ad!

At 12:00, I played Sims 4 which is the most addictive game EVER! Comment if you agree with me. I played for an hour and at 1:00, I decided to play with my barbie dolls, like any ole 6th grader (sarcasm sarcasm.). 

All of a sudden, Mom came into the room and said, “E, there’s no reason to panic, but there’s a fire near us. A small fire, don’t worry.” well she said not to panic but I didn’t follow her instructions that well. I panicked. I was all “We’re all gonna die!” and “Our house is gonna burn to the ground!”. In case we needed to evacuate, we packed a small bag of things we’d need for the next few days, but it turned out that the fire was contained and we had nothing to worry about after all. Then Mom suggested that I start this entry, so I did. Kids, I’m not as much of a goody two shoes as you might think from that last sentence. 

Anyway, I was writing the part when I was in the newspaper, when Dad came in and said my new bike was ready to be picked up. So I guess this post should be called Choir, Fire, and Bicycle Tire, but I want to keep it this way. We picked up the bike and went home where I am now.

Well, that’s it for me today, but stick around for my next entry about my life in quarantine. This is my first blog and it would be great if you leave some nice comments. Tell me what you want to hear about next, you never know, I might write back.

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